What Local Artists Groups Can Do to Grow

The main reason why local artists groups exist is to boost their members and make them appreciate art. One of the challenges that most of these groups always face is stagnation, especially after being in existence for a while. Some of the things they can do to grow and attract more membership are as follows.

Select a Strong Patron

The patron of the group has a big responsibility in the direction the group takes towards growth. The patron that members choose as a group should have the leadership ability, and more importantly, should have a passion for art. They should also align with the group’s mandate so that they can achieve their goals.

Organise Events

If you are in a group and you want members and other people to feel your impact, you need to organise events. They can be art galleries that bring together artists like weavers, painters, photographers, potters and any other form of art. It can also be a networking event for established artists and those who are just starting out. To have a greater impact on society, artists groups should have a charity event that champions a cause.

Invite Veteran Artists

One of the things that make artists join groups is to get mentors who can guide them to become better in their trade. A group should reach out to as many artists as possible who can come and mentor the members through talks, workshops and guided practical work.

Have Membership Drives

What makes a group are the members in it. To grow in membership, the group should consider having a membership drive through using platforms like social media. Or the group can have a website where they share the activities they do and call for any serious artist who wants to join them to come on board. Groups should have integrity and accountability if they want people to join them.